Spindle Repair & Rebuild Services in DFW, Texas

When it comes to spindle repair and rebuild services, you can always count on Dan Parks Machine Services to provide the best services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or anywhere in the country for that matter! We take pride in our work and with a team of machinists who have been in the business for a total time of more than half a century, you know they are the best!
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Spindle Repair and Rebuild Services

If you are in need of either spindle repair or a complete spindle rebuild service, we’d like you to know that we can provide many on-site services. Some would necessarily need to be done at our state-of-the-art facility when it comes to spindle grinding or spindle repairing, but when you need on-site repair and/or removal of the equipment in question that is a service we are happy to offer.

Over 45 years of experience - working for you!

Specific Services We Are Proud to Offer:

Our machinists and welders are able to totally rebuild and retrofit literally any piece of heavy spindle-based machinery on the market today or from years gone by. If you are in doubt, just take a quick glance at the specific spindle services available through Texas’ own Dan Parks Machine Services and you’ll see we do things in the true Texas way, big and bold.

– Spindle repair and rebuilding
– Tapered insert retrofitting
– Bar and sleeve repairs

Then when it comes down to more specialized spindle repair tasks, our machinists and welders have industry leading expertise in:

– Axle spindle repair
– Spindle bearing rebuild
– Spindle bearings replacement
– Bridgeport spindle repair
– Lathe spindle repair
– CNC spindle repair
– Spindle maintenance

You will notice that we are experts in spindle grinding and that is what puts us a step (that’s a Texas sized step!) ahead of the competition. So many machine shops around the country offer spindle grinding services but did you know they outsource their work? You will never find that with Dan Parks Machine Services because we know we’re the best and we aim to please.

Dan Parks Machine Services Is a Name You Can Rely On

We can’t say it enough that we have a combined experience of more than 50 years in spindle repair and with the most proficient machinists in the country working right here at Dan Parks, you can rest assured that no spindle repair or rebuild job is beyond our means.

As we said, we are a Texas owned and operated business that does things up Texas style and that goes for customer satisfaction as well. We are more than proud of the fact that at least 95% of our new customers are referred to us by happy customers we’ve served over the years.

Our name goes ahead of us throughout the entire DFW region, including:

– Cleburne
– Midlothian
– Azle
– Mansfield
– Stephenville
– Kennedale
– Decatur
– Denton

As well as nationwide spindle repair and rebuild services upon request. We are proud of being the spindle repair and rebuild service most called on in our neck of the woods and we offer you the same customer satisfaction guarantee we offer all our happy customers. For a warm and friendly Texas-style conversation for further information or a free quote, give us a call today.

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