Frequently Asked Question's

How long have you been in business?

Dan Parks started working in the machine repair industry in 1971.

How long have you been in your current location?

Dan Parks has been in his current location in Fort Worth since 1996, and was incorporated in 2000.

What types of machines do you service?

We service all types of manufacturing equipment including Mills, Lathes, Grinders, Pellitizers, Planers, Presses, etc. We service hydraulics, electrical, and mechanical needs.

What manufacturers are you experienced with?

We are experienced with most manufacturers including Niagra, Bliss, Cincinnatti, Clearing, Komatsu, KNT, Ingersoll, Thompson, SNK, Norton, Giddings Lewis, Blanchard, Gould and Eberhart, Minster, Webster Bennett, Bridgeport/SuperMax/Enco/MSC, Maddison, Carlton, Wysong, Pacific, Pexto, Bullard, American, Lodge & Shipley, Chicago/Dries and Krump, Mazak, Monarch, Kingston, Warner & Swasey and others.

Who are some of your customers?

We have hundreds of satisfied customers including James Hardie, Kohler, Vought Aircraft, Lockheed, Integris Metals, Solar Turbines, Peerless Manufacturing, Martin Corp., Chromalloy, Hirsh Industries, and many more.